Stationary: We offer two forms of compactors, stationary and self-contained. Stationary compactors are the most efficient and the most recommended for our customers. The hydraulic compactor remains permanently bolted to the ground, while the receiver box simply attaches and detaches when hauled away to our local disposal site. This system offers an advantage over the self-contained compactor since it allows for the maximum amount of waste at one time.

Self-Contained: This is the alternative choice to stationary compactors. This system simply combines an actual hydraulic compactor, to a receiver box to make it one. The benefit of this system is to help minimize odors and leaks. The undesirable factor is because of the loss of space that the hydraulic system occupies. Self-contained systems are typically used for very moist waste, much like what is produced by most hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Don’t Trash Texas, Call Nexus!

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